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Auto V Belt

BOER BELT offers auto V belts including: Wrapped Rubber Classic V Belts, Classic Cogged V Belts For Auto Parts, Metric V Belts Suitable For All Kinds Of Pulley, Drive V Belt, EPDM CR And NR V Belts and All Size Motorcycle Belts.
The transmission is stable, the noise is low, and there is buffer absorption.
The structure is simple, the manufacturing, the installation precision is not high, the use and maintenance are convenient, and it is suitable for a large occasion of the two-axis central office.
When overloaded, the belt will slip on the pulley to prevent damage to weak parts and provide safety protection.
BOER BELT is one of the most professional auto v belt manufacturers and suppliers in China, which is founded in 1985. We warmly welcome you to buy the best auto v belt made in China here from our factory.
  • Wrapped Rubber Classic V Belts

    Wrapped Rubber Classic V Belts

    As a tension gauge and calibration tool in the maintenance group, wrapped rubber classic V belts is used for normal and extreme loads. The Wapped V belt is divided into seven types according to its size: O, A, B, C, D, E and F, according to which it is divided into seven...Read More

  • Classic Cogged V Belts for Auto Parts

    Classic Cogged V Belts for Auto Parts

    The classic cogged V belts for auto parts is made of rubber and is resistant to oil and heat as well as durable. It is a classic toothed pattern for iron pulleys. The cogged V-shaped design reduces vibration and increases the life of the belt and bearing. Torque flexible belt...Read More

  • Metric V Belts Suitable for All Kinds of Pulley

    Metric V Belts Suitable for All Kinds of Pulley

    This kind of metric V belts suitable for all kinds of pulley is a unique conveyor belt that is a mechanical device for transmitting force and transporting goods. It has the advantages of easy installation, small floor space, high transmission efficiency and low noise.
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  • Drive V Belt

    Drive V Belt

    The drive V-belt is mainly used in factories and workshops to transfer a large amount of power from one pulley to another.
    Features of drive V belt- Compact, start-up and smooth operation, low noise, shock absorption
    - Strong transmission capacity, long service...
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  • EPDM CR and NR V Belts

    EPDM CR and NR V Belts

    EPDM CR and NR V belts are suitable for high speed drives and is suitable for very small diameter pulleys. The compact construction of the conveyor system helps to reduce vibration and heating for stable operation.
    - Excellent high temperature or low temperature...
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  • All Size Motorcycle Belts

    All Size Motorcycle Belts

    Our company can produce all kind of the motorcycle v-belts: 50、90、100、125、150.The product quality attains the domestic top level.
    Features of all size motorcycle belts
    Low noise during operation
    The product has passed various tests, with high safety and good...
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