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Timing Belt

BOER BELT offers timing belts including: Auto Timing Belts Of Engine Fan, Car Timing Belt 117ru25 & Open End Timing Belts.
As an important part of the engine air distribution system, the timing belt is connected to the crankshaft and matched with a certain transmission ratio to ensure the accuracy of the intake and exhaust time. The belt is low in noise, small in its own variation and easy to compensate. However, the life of the belt is shorter than that of the metal gear, so the belt should be replaced regularly.
BOER BELT is one of the most professional timing belt manufacturers and suppliers in China, which is founded in 1985. We warmly welcome you to buy the best timing belt made in China here from our factory.
  • Auto Timing Belts of Engine Fan

    Auto Timing Belts of Engine Fan

    Auto timing belts of engine fan are an important part of every engine fan hidden behind the dust cover and other parts of the engine.
    Accurate transmission ratio, low force on the shaft and compact structure
    Oil resistant, good wear resistance, good...
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  • Open End Timing Belts

    Open End Timing Belts

    In order to meet the needs of our customers, we offer a variety of open end timing belts. Due to their low price and long service life, these products are widely used in the market.
    1. Open type, each end can be connected to the printhead.
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  • Car Timing Belt 117ru25

    Car Timing Belt 117ru25

    The car timing belt 117ru25 uses imported high-quality synthetic rubber as the main raw material, and is equipped with various auxiliary materials for different purposes.
    Neat appearance, full tooth shape
    Excellent heat resistance and aging...
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