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PK Belt

BOER BELT offers PK belts including: Flat Drive Ribbed Belts and Ribbed Drive Power V Belts With Small Rib.
It combines the advantages of the V-belt and the flat belt, namely the softness and toughness of the flat belt as well as the compactness and high efficiency. The high-performance V-ribbed belt is produced in various types of profiles. Thus creating characteristics for automotive motors with different shafts and high-speed frames, fuse horizontal drive V-frames and group V-type compact, with virtually no distortion anxiety and radial anxiety and high transmission effects.
BOER BELT is one of the most professional pk belt manufacturers and suppliers in China, which is founded in 1985. We warmly welcome you to buy the best pk belt made in China here from our factory.
  • Flat Drive Ribbed Belts

    Flat Drive Ribbed Belts

    Flat drive ribbed belts are ideal for traditional V-belt drive systems that are challenging, such as compact drives and high-speed drives.
    1. Heat resistant, oil resistant, abrasion resistant and long lasting.
    2. Ribbed surface contains...
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  • Ribbed Drive Power V Belts With Small Rib

    Ribbed Drive Power V Belts With Small Rib

    The ribbed drive power V belts with small rib feature mild vibration, low heat dispersion and stable operation, making it ideal for a wide range of applications including industrial, automotive, refrigerated transport and agricultural machinery.
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