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Ribbed Belt

Our ribbed belts include: Flat Drive Ribbed Belts, Automotive Pk Belt, Ribbed Drive Power V Belts With Small Rib & All Size Rubber PJ Belts.
They are used to transfer mechanical power and is used on wheels with grooves. The rubbing area is larger than the flat belt of the same width. It can be used with a small distance between the center of the two flywheels. The transmission energy is larger than the flat belt of the same width and the sliding is small. It has the advantages of high transmission efficiency and fast wear, and it is suitable for power transmission with small center distance and large transmission ratio.
BOER BELT is one of the most professional ribbed belt manufacturers and suppliers in China, which is founded in 1985. We warmly welcome you to buy the best ribbed belt made in China here from our factory.
  • Flat Drive Ribbed Belts

    Flat Drive Ribbed Belts

    Flat drive ribbed belts are ideal for traditional V-belt drive systems that are challenging, such as compact drives and high-speed drives.
    1. Heat resistant, oil resistant, abrasion resistant and long lasting.
    2. Ribbed surface contains...
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  • All Size Rubber PJ Belts

    All Size Rubber PJ Belts

    All size rubber PJ belts are kinds of multi-ribbed belt, which are widely used in industrial fields, logistics machinery, woodworking machinery, automobile generators and air-conditioning belts, and fitness equipment.
    Produced in strict accordance with...
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  • Automotive Pk Belt

    Automotive Pk Belt

    The automotive PK belt combines the advantages of a V-belt and a flat belt with good bending performance and is suitable for small pulleys running at high speeds.
    Enhanced power transmission capability
    High bond strength between the tie and the...
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  • Ribbed Drive Power V Belts With Small Rib

    Ribbed Drive Power V Belts With Small Rib

    The ribbed drive power V belts with small rib feature mild vibration, low heat dispersion and stable operation, making it ideal for a wide range of applications including industrial, automotive, refrigerated transport and agricultural machinery.
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