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  • V Belt with Small Teeth

    V Belt with Small Teeth

    The V belt with small teeth uses forward engagement of two sets of meshing teeth. Because of this design, they do not slip and there is no relative motion between the two elements in the mesh.
    Using special formulas and techniques
    Good heat...
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  • Doule Sided Pk Belt

    Doule Sided Pk Belt

    This double-sided PK has been well received by customers because of its easy installation and normal function. In addition, this PK belt is designed with high quality base materials that meet international standards.
    Good wear resistance, easy installation, best strength
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  • V Ribbed Belt

    V Ribbed Belt

    This V ribbed belt combines the advantages of V-belt and flat belt with excellent bending resistance for high-speed rotation of small pulley diameters.
    Model NO.: 6PK975
    Material: Rubber
    Automatic: All
    Condition: New
    Trademark: BOERBELT OR...
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  • Car Timing Belt 117ru25

    Car Timing Belt 117ru25

    The car timing belt 117ru25 uses imported high-quality synthetic rubber as the main raw material, and is equipped with various auxiliary materials for different purposes.
    Neat appearance, full tooth shape
    Excellent heat resistance and aging...
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  • Wrapped V Belt for Industrial

    Wrapped V Belt for Industrial

    This kind of wrapped V belt for industrial is precision manufactured using high quality raw materials and advanced technology.
    1. Strong belt and small tension
    2. Excellent heat resistance and oil resistance 3. High wear resistance, accurate size and...
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  • Automotive Pk Belt

    Automotive Pk Belt

    The automotive PK belt combines the advantages of a V-belt and a flat belt with good bending performance and is suitable for small pulleys running at high speeds.
    Enhanced power transmission capability
    High bond strength between the tie and the...
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  • Auto V Belt.

    Auto V Belt.

    Product Name: Auto V Belt.
    Model NO.: A, B, C, D, E.
    Performance: Automotive Sealing Strip
    Material: Rubber
    Size: 70-180
    Type: V Belt
    Certificate: ISO9001
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  • All Size Motorcycle Belts

    All Size Motorcycle Belts

    Our company can produce all kind of the motorcycle v-belts: 50、90、100、125、150.The product quality attains the domestic top level.
    Features of all size motorcycle belts
    Low noise during operation
    The product has passed various tests, with high safety and good...
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  • Industrial Heavy Duty Banded V Belts

    Industrial Heavy Duty Banded V Belts

    Industrial heavy duty banded V belts​ has uniform tension, higher rigidity and even improved alignment. It is ideal for drives with pulsating loads.
    Features of Industrial Heavy Duty Banded V Belts:
    - Accurate design
    - High tensile strength
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  • Ribbed Drive Power V Belts With Small Rib

    Ribbed Drive Power V Belts With Small Rib

    The ribbed drive power V belts with small rib feature mild vibration, low heat dispersion and stable operation, making it ideal for a wide range of applications including industrial, automotive, refrigerated transport and agricultural machinery.
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  • EP and NN Rubber Conveyor Belts

    EP and NN Rubber Conveyor Belts

    ​EP and NN rubber conveyor belts have the advantages of safe operation, easy to use, easy maintenance, low freight, shortening transportation distance, reducing engineering cost and saving manpower and material resources.
    Rubber conveyor belts are widely used in cement,...
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  • Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

    Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

    The steel cord conveyor belt is a rubber conveyor belt with a steel wire as a skeleton.
    The steel wire rope is firmly combined with rubber, has excellent dynamic performance and high safety factor.
    Mildew proof, anti-mite, anti-aging, good heat...
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