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The Development Path Of The Transmission Belt
- May 12, 2017 -

Transmission belt Many conveyor electromechanical equipment is indispensable to one of the equipment, it was originally made of leather, 19th century by the middle of the rubber replaced. Starting in the 1960 of the 20th century, the change was gradually changed. By the 80 's, it was further expanded to use CSM and HNBR. The shape of the adhesive tape also extends from the plate type to the angle type, the round, the tooth type, the use from the single transmission develops into the group parallel, thus forms the today's Transmission belt series.

It is the motive power of the motor or engine rotation, which is transmitted through the belt pulley to the mechanical equipment, it is also called the Power belt. It is the core coupling part of electromechanical equipment, the kind of unusual variety, the use is extremely widespread. From large to Chichi watts of giant motors, small to less than a kw of micro-motors, including home appliances, computers, robots, such as precision machinery are inseparable from the transmission belt.

The main feature of the transmission belt is that it can be freely variable speed, near and far transmission, simple structure and convenient replacement. So, from primitive machinery to modern automatic equipment has a transmission belt figure, product after many times, technology has become more mature.