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How To Improve The Service Life Of Conveyor Belts
- May 12, 2017 -

1. Improve conveyor belt drop hopper. It is one of the effective measures to prevent early damage of conveyor belt by improving the hopper of conveying belt. Improve the belt conveyor transfer to the hopper, so that it through foreign bodies increased capacity of 2.5 times times, long, large foreign body in the process of conveying not easily stuck between the hopper wall and conveyor belt, reducing the probability of foreign body tearing conveyor belts.

Blanking hopper at the guide plate, so that the gap between the conveyor belt along with the direction of moving more and more large, the settlement of coal, stone cards in the conveyor belt and skirt between the problem, eliminating the resulting conveyor belt damage. The big drop hopper, the internal mounting cushion baffle, avoids the material direct impact conveyor belt.

2. Add scraping device at the drum of the bend. In the conveyor belt along the drum to add a scraping device, eliminating the problem of material bonding at the drum, to solve the drum adhesive caused by local breakage of the conveyor belt.

3. Conveyor nose, tail and intermediate transfer of the improvement. The transition length and the transitional mode of conveying nose, tail and intermediate reprint have great influence on the service life of conveyor belts. A reasonable transition design should be done to minimize the wear of the conveyor belt, to ensure that the conveyor belt is not folded, intermediate raised phenomenon, falling material place does not appear leakage.

4. Conveyor belt pulley in the concave transition. The practice proves that the transverse strength of the steel rope conveyor belt is insufficient, when the pressure belt pulley causes the conveyor belt to be too large, cause tearing conveyor belt, change the belt wheel to the pressure belt drum all, can solve this problem thoroughly.