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How To Choose The Suitable Type Of Heat-resistant Conveyor Belt
- May 12, 2017 -

Heat-resistant conveyor belt is made of multilayer rubber cotton canvas (cotton cloth) or polyester canvas with high temperature or heat resistant rubber, high temperature vulcanization bonded together, suitable for conveying 175 ℃ below hot coke, cement, slag and hot castings. The type of conveyor belt is selected according to the temperature, surface structure shape and viscosity of the material transported by the heat-resisting conveyor belt. 

If the conveying temperature is 150 ℃ sintered ore, Coke and other bulk materials, and the material with the area of contact with the surface of the hour, with the surface temperature is maintained at 60-80 ℃; when the conveyor belt conveyor cement powder, such as the smaller viscosity of the material temperature and surface temperature difference is very small. The belt surface temperature is closely related to the life span of the heat-resisting belt. Directly affect the covering glue and core layer, the bonding strength between the core layer, covering adhesive wear resistance, cracking resistance. The type of heat-resisting zone should be selected after full investigation and measurement of surface temperature. The thicker covering glue is an important condition to ensure that the strap has a longer service life. It is suggested that the cap glue of heat-resisting belt is 6-9mm, and the plastic 2-4mm is inferior.