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Conveyor Belt Became The Right-hand Man Of Industrial Production
- May 12, 2017 -

Rubber conveyor Belt has responded positively to the state "not producing industrial pollution" the correct call, to green energy-saving performance as a prominent highlight, conveyor belts in the design, manufacture or use of the process, are extremely closely aligned with this feature, and highlight the new features. Glue six production of conveyor belt has been widely used by users of the favor and praise, Division I always uphold the natural environment in harmony with the user enterprise to improve the efficiency of industrial production for the ultimate goal of the production of the conveyor belt has a unique design understanding, constantly meet the needs of users, and constantly explore the new features of rubber conveyor belt, always keep the conveyor belt of green environmental protection and energy saving characteristics, to the overall situation, never at the expense of the environment to improve production speed.

Rubber conveyor belt increasingly became the right-hand man of industrial production, has been widely pursued and liked, but the conveyor belt after a long time of use of such problems, such as local damage, if it is because of this small problem, it is too bad to throw away. If it is common because of the foreign body caused by the conveyor belt breakage can be used to repair polymer rubber materials, which avoids the past traditional repair methods need to be completely dismantled and repaired and heated cumbersome process.

Rubber conveyor Belt Manufacturers uphold all the customer's point of view as the starting point of the design source to meet the user's new requirements, and users in the production of environmental pollution feel disgusted, this is precisely in line with the new environmentally friendly conveyor belt design concept. It can be seen that the environmental protection type conveyor belt is welcome to the extent, not only to realize the "green production", other performance can not be ignored. Conveyor belt has the body light belt thin, high strength, anti-impact, the groove good, the interlayer adhesion force big, the resisting flexion and so on high quality characteristic, these characteristics coupled with the environmental protection halo characteristic, makes the rubber conveyer belt service life greatly improves. In the mines, coal field, chemical, metallurgy, construction, port and so on the industry won the user's trust and support.