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Application Of Synchronous Belt Pulley In Packaging Equipment
- May 12, 2017 -

The transmission mechanism of the packaging machine is composed of the motor through the reducer belt shake arm and synchronous belt pulley, the motor and reducer shaft coordinates, is located in the packing machine base, the rocker arm and the reducer shaft perpendicular, its one end is fixed axle in the packing machine base, the other end with the chain connection, chain and fixed in the upper horizontal position of the sprocket transition shaft coordination, sprocket transition shaft through the sprocket axis and fixed, with the chain sprocket to join the supporting platform, rocker arm again through the chain, sprocket transition shaft and sprocket can drive up and down the platform movement.

The synchronous belt pulley is fixed on the reducer shaft and its passive wheel is located in the middle of the packaging machine. The shaft fixed the bevel gear, the horizontal synchronous belt pulley Group Active wheel is fixed in the vertical direction of the bevel gear shaft above, the umbrella gears will rotate the vertical direction of the rotating transformation for its horizontal direction, the horizontal synchronous belt pulley Group Passive wheel coaxial is fixed on the rotating shaft below the turntable.