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Wrapped belt history
- May 31, 2018 -

Wrapped belt  history

The alias V belt

Charlie brown in 1911?Gates invented the world's first tripod, in 1917.Gates invented the world's first cloth reinforced v-shaped rubber belt, making gates the world's largest triangular belt manufacturer.

2. In 1996, gates rubber company became a wholly-owned subsidiary of TOMKINS PLC, making it the largest manufacturer of non-tire rubber parts in the world.

3. At present, the main brands in the market include: liannong, ruisheng, gates, samsung, sakatsu and OP of Germany, etc.

Triangle tape is widely used in agricultural machinery.The cross section of the standardized triangular belt is trapezoid, and there is no joint in the whole circle

The section area of the tape from O type to F type gradually increases with seven types of O type, A type, B type, C type, D type, E type and F type.

SPZ SPA SPB SPC these four models are triangular belt narrow V

The choice of the type of tape is based on the power of the speed of the tape to determine, there is a lot of knowledge.

The model selected for the correct model should be suitable for the selected triangle tape, otherwise the triangle tape is in the groove of the belt pulley

There will be abnormal situation, when changing to the use of triangle tape, it is better to take the old to the agricultural machinery department to purchase, in case of the model


Before proper installation, if the center distance of two shafts is adjustable structure, the center distance should be shortened first, tape

After installing, adjust the center distance as required.If the center distance between the two shafts is not adjustable, a triangle belt can be set first

Go into the groove, then turn the other pulley, put the tape on, and use the same method to put all the tape on

Mount.It is forbidden to use the tool to pry or drag the v-belt hard during installation to prevent the extension of the v-belt or the over-loosening of the v-belt.

When the belt pulley is installed in the slot, the center of the two upper wheels must be aligned, otherwise it will cause the tape sheet

Side work, serious wear, reduce the service life of triangular tape.

Tightness the tightness of the suitable triangle tape must be checked and adjusted regularly to meet the requirements.Is the triangle too loose

Only easy to slip, also increase the wear of the triangle belt, or even cannot transfer power;Too tight, not only will the triangle strip elongate and deform,

Easy to damage, but also cause the engine main bearing of the clutch bearing due to excessive force, and the acceleration triangle belt wear.

The correct way to check it is: put your hand in the middle of each piece of tape and apply about 2kg of vertical pressure. The amount of subsidence is (20--)

30) mm is appropriate and should be adjusted in time.

When replacing double or more than three pieces of triangle tape, the specified type of triangle tape should be selected.

It is also required that each set of triangle tape is of the same tightness. It is not allowed to mix the old with the new or reduce the number of roots

Uneven, even the old triangular belt does not work, affecting the transmission of power and shortening the life of the triangular belt.

In the use of strict prevention of contamination, it is necessary to strictly prevent oil pollution and muddy water in the triangle zone and avoid contact with acid, alkali and other corrosive substances.

Prevent skidding and corrosion of the triangle belt from early damage.

Daily maintenance operators and users should master the correct operating requirements in their daily driving and follow the instructions

Technical requirements, avoid hard start and brake as much as possible: should also prevent frequent overload;The equipment should be removed after long-term disuse

Triangular tape is stored separately



There are two kinds of cord core structure and cord core structure in the triangle, which are respectively composed of four parts: wrapping cloth, top glue, tensile body and bottom glue.

The triangulation of curtain fabric core structure is convenient to manufacture, high tensile strength, low price and wide application

The triangle belt of the core structure has good toughness and is suitable for high rotating speed.

Application features of the triangle belt

A bit:

1. Simple structure, low requirements for manufacturing and installation precision, convenient use and maintenance, suitable for large occasions of biaxial center

2. Stable transmission, low noise and buffer suction

3. When overloaded, the belt will slip on the belt wheel, which can prevent the damage of weak parts and play a role of safety protection


1. The accurate transmission ratio cannot be guaranteed

2. Large external profile size and low transmission efficiency

Triangulation base length

When the triangle rotates, the layer whose length and width remain unchanged is called the neutral layer.Under the specified tension force, the perimeter measured along the neutral layer along the triangle belt is called the base length Ld, also known as the nominal length.It is mainly used for the geometric dimension calculation of belt drive and the marking of triangle belt, its length has been standardized.

1. The model

The v-belt (triangle belt) is divided into three types: ordinary, narrow and wide v-belt, among which there are seven types: Y, Z, A, B, C, D, E and F.Common dimensions:

Model upper end width thickness Angle

A 0.50"(13mm) 0.31"(8.0mm) 40.

B 0.66"(17mm) 0.41"(11mm) 40.

C 0.88"(22mm) 0.53"(14mm) 40.

D 1.25"(32mm) 0.75"(20mm) 40.

E 1.50"(40mm) 0.91"(25mm) 40.

You can specify the model according to the above dimensions.

2. Take long

Formula for calculating the length of v-belt tape:

Perimeter L = 2 c + + D (D) 1.57 + 2/4 c (D - D)

C: the distance between the center of the two wheels

D: large wheel diameter

D: small wheel diameter

On a flat plate, you can use two cylinders with a diameter of 200 to place them in the band and tighten the band.

Belt length = 2 c + 1.57 * 400 = 2 c + 628

In this way, each band can be measured as long as the center distance is measured.

The length of the band is the inner circumference of the band, and we want to convert it to the base length.