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Timing bels knowledge
- May 29, 2018 -

Automobile engine working process, the air intake, compression, constantly taking place within the cylinder explosion, four process exhaust, and the timing of each step should be to match the piston motion and position, make the air intake and exhaust and piston lift mutual coordinate, timing belt inside the engine play a "bridge" role, in leads to the crankshaft strength is passed to the corresponding parts.There are many high - end cars that use metal chains instead of belts to keep the timing system stable.Due to the damage to the internal valve of the engine caused by the fracture of the vehicle timing toothed belt, the damage is greater, so the general manufacturers have a replacement period for the timing belt.

Timing belt belongs to the rubber parts, with the increase of engine working time, timing belt and timing belt accessories, such as timing belt tension wheel, timing belt tensioner and pumps will wear or aging.So that anyone who is equipped with the engine timing belt, manufacturers will have strict requirements, within the prescribed period change regularly, timing belt and accessories replacement cycle, with varies according to the structure of the engine, the general to the vehicle is 60000 ~ 100000 km should be replaced, the concrete replacement cycle should the vehicle maintenance manual instructions shall prevail.

The timing belt is generally considered for replacement at 80,000 km.Even if you have a time belt in your car, you can't replace it if it breaks.Therefore, when the total travel distance reaches 80,000, it is recommended to consider replacing it.The timing belt is behind the tank fan.

The timing belt should be maintained regularly

Today, as the car becomes more advanced, the maintenance workload will gradually decrease.As a result, car owners often think their vehicles need little repair.And the car manufacturers specify the timing belt for routine inspection and replacement cycle, as a professional maintenance technicians, you should tell the owner: this as one of regular maintenance, overhaul, maintenance of timing belt should add in the regular maintenance program.If this is ignored, failure to regularly check and replace the faulty timing belt may lead to serious consequences.

Unlike attached drive belts, they are easy to see and easy to check.The timing belt is often hidden behind a lid and can only be reached according to the layout of the engine and engine room.In most cases, however, the cover on the belt, at least the top half of the cover, can be removed or removed so that you can examine and replace the belt carefully.When checking, if you don't see a well-maintained, properly tensioned belt, you should replace it in time.

Broken belt

When the belt is broken, if the belt is bitten, the valve stops open and the engine stops running.If the engine is idling when it breaks, there is a gap between the piston at the top of the stroke and the open valve.In both cases, the break only damages the timing belt itself.However, if the engine is the "interference fit" design, piston and valve occupy the same space, there is no gap between them, so will soon be damage other parts, such as valve to be bent, piston by stamping, etc.The glitches will cost customers more and cause them to run out of cars for a long time.Therefore, you should let the customer know the importance of regular inspection and timely replacement of the timing belt.At the same time, it should also be known to them that it is much cheaper to change the timing belt during routine maintenance than to drag it into a repair shop for major repairs.

In addition, you will benefit a lot from changing your belt.Increased income, increased knowledge of regular maintenance by busy employees and customers will benefit you tremendously.Some repair shops ignore the opportunity provided by regular maintenance of the timing belt.As a repairman, keep in mind that when the car is in your shop, you have a chance to repair it and make the customer happy.This is your chance to make money.However, if the vehicle is traveling with a damaged belt, it will be towed to a nearby garage.This means that you not only lose customers and the opportunity to repair your car, but you also lose the chance to make money.

The belt to check

Just because the strap didn't break doesn't mean it's all right.As the belt is used more and more old, it is bound to stretch more than the tensioning device can compensate for the extent, resulting in the timing sprocket skidding.And gear teeth wear, there are lubricating oil attachment and so on will also cause skidding.During inspection, if the belt has a reduction in hardness, abrasion, fiber fracture, or crack, it indicates that the belt is damaged and cannot be used again.Next, check for sprocket failure.The damaged sprocket can "burn" the belt material and aggravate the wear of the belt teeth.Sprocket failure may also cause greater resistance of the valve mechanism to the timing belt.

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