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The function of automobile belt
- May 30, 2018 -

The function of automobile belt

Automobile belt is also called automobile transmission belt, its main function is power transmission.The drive belt on the car is responsible for all the movement of the parts of the car.

Classification of automobile belts

There are three types of belts commonly seen on cars: triangular, multi-wedge and timing belts.

The mounting position of the car belt

In automobile application, it is mainly installed in the position of turning CAM, water pump, generator, air conditioning compressor and steering power pump of crankshaft of automobile engine.

The structure of a car belt

The v-belt consists of three parts: top fabric, tension thread and bottom rubber.

The multi-wedge belt is similar to the triangle belt and consists of three parts: top fabric, tension line and bottom rubber.

The main difference between the two is that the multi-wedge belt is composed of multiple micro-v surfaces, which is wider and thinner, so that it has greater flexibility when surrounding the smaller transmission wheel.This allows the micro-v to transmit power in a "snake" drive.This drive can drive multiple engine accessories to transfer power.

Timing belt structure: top layer rubber with fiber, tension line, bottom layer rubber.The tension line is made of a very strong glass fiber.The bottom layer of the timing belt consists of the teeth of the precision casting mould.

Belt preservation method

Although the time bands are very strong, they are very delicate and fragile.If the time band overbends in any direction, the glass fiber will break easily.Therefore, the timing belt should not be stored at will, but should be packaged and sealed in the box, and not removed until installation.

Check the belt

First check the belt tension, the choice among the longest didn't support the drive belt span the thumb moderate pressure, if the amount of pressure belt around 10 mm, argues that belt tension is just right.If the belt tension is too large, or too loose, it may cause sliding teeth and incomplete transmission.If the belt is too tight, it will make the belt easy to stretch and deform. Meanwhile, it will also accelerate the wear of the belt wheel and bearing.For this reason, the relevant adjusting nut or bolt should be loosened, and the tension of the belt should be adjusted to the best condition.

How do you get a lot of parts of a car to move together in an orderly fashion?Rely on the role of transmission belt!If there's a problem with the transmission belt, our car won't go forward.Because the engine through the belt drive drive all kinds of auxiliary institutions run, such as air conditioner compressor, power steering pump, alternator, etc., if the belt skid or fracture, the related auxiliary body will not function properly, thus affect the normal use of car.Therefore, it is necessary to check the transmission belt regularly.