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The debugging method of rubber conveyer belt
- May 12, 2017 -

Conveyor belt is the key equipment of conveying system, its safe and stable operation directly affects the production operation. Conveyor belt is the most common fault of belt conveyor, its timely and accurate treatment is the guarantee of its safe and stable operation. There are many phenomena and reasons of deviation, which can be solved effectively by different adjusting methods according to different deviation phenomena and reasons. This article is based on the practice of many years, from the point of view of the user, the use of mechanics to analyze and explain the causes of such failures and treatment methods.

One, the head drive drum or the tail of the drum axis and the hub of the conveyor is not perpendicular, resulting in the conveyor belt in the head drum or the tail of the drum run bias. When the roller deflection, the conveyor belt is inconsistent on both sides of the drum. The traction Fq in the direction of the width is also inconsistent, to increase or decrease trend, so that the conveyor belt will attach a downward direction of the mobile force of FY, resulting in the conveyor belt to the loose side run, that is, the so-called "loose run tight." The adjustment method is: for the head drum such as conveyor belt to the right side of the drum, then the right bearing seat should be moved forward, conveyor belt to the left side of the drum run through repeated adjustments until the conveyor belt to a more desirable position. It is best to install its position accurately before adjusting the drive or drum.

Second, the roller surface machining error, viscosity or wear uneven diameter of different sizes, conveyor belts to the larger diameter side of the deviation. The so-called "run big do not run small". The force situation is shown in Fig. four: the traction Fq of the conveyor belt produces a moving force to the diameter of the large lateral fy, in the role of the force of FY, the conveyor belt offset. In this case, the solution is to clean up the drum surface viscosity, machining error and wear uneven will be replaced by the reprocessing of adhesive.