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Rubber Conveyor Belts
- May 12, 2017 -

Rubber conveyor with the tropical, wear-resistant belt, burn-resistant belt, oil-resistant belt, alkali-resistant belt, alkali belt, resistant to tropical, cold and other characteristics. Mainly used in various mines, metallurgy, steel, coal, hydropower, building materials, chemicals, food and other enterprises of solid material delivery.

Material classification

Divided into: Fabric core conveyor belt, non-woven core conveyor belts two.

Fabric Core conveyor belt divides into: layered fabric core, whole core two kinds;

Layered Fabric Core conveyor belt is divided into: cotton canvas core, nylon core, polyester cloth core conveyor belt;

The whole core conveyor belt is divided into: PVC, PVG whole core conveyor belt two kinds;

Non-woven core conveyor belt is divided into: wire rope conveyor belt, metal mesh conveyor belt, steel cable conveyor belt.

Form classification

Divided into: Wave-shaped edge conveyor belt, pattern conveyor belt, skirt conveyor belt, clapboard conveyor belt.

Use classification

Divided into: Heat, high temperature, burning resistance, acid, cold, wear resistance, oil resistance, flame retardant, tear resistance, puncture.

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