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Preventive measures for damage of rubber conveyor belts
- May 12, 2017 -

(1) Select a sound qualification, system integrity, good reputation of the adhesive tape manufacturers to supply, eliminating the tape of their own quality caused potential hazards.

(2) The design of the tape and the transfer point funnel should be reasonable. To avoid the formation of excessive gap, but also change the direction of coal flow, coal flow and belt conveyor in the basic direction of the same.

(3) Prohibition of transporting large volume objects and any iron with conveyor belts, to ensure the temperature of the material to meet the requirements of granularity, so as to avoid damage, peeling and shedding of adhesive tape.

(4) The entry of the iron and the hard strip gangue from the source control of the transportation system and the necessary crusher and iron remover are arranged along the transportation system.

(5) conveyor belt storage to avoid rain and rain, for a long time storage conveyor belts, there is a need for longitudinal tensile strength test.

(6) for the conveyor belt guide groove, cleaning equipment, such as attachment facilities, daily to carry out careful maintenance, increase or damage to the gaps in time to be repaired or replaced.

The roller to carry on periodical flaw inspection, discovers the cracks, the local wear excessive and so on the running danger early.