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Mechanical parameters of rubber vulcanization belt
- May 12, 2017 -

1. Hardness: Hardness is the ability of the rubber to resist the pressure of external forces. In the world, two typical rubber hardness tester is widely used to measure hardness, one is the Shao Er type hardness tester; the other is the international rubber hardness tester, the Shao Er hardness tester is the most commonly used Shao Er a hardness tester, the measured hardness value is very close to the international rubber hardness value;

2. Abrasion: The surface is subjected to friction to make the rubber surface wear off the phenomenon, abrasion test used in many types of instruments, which is more important in the following:

(1) A clone abrasion meter this instrument is widely used in domestic and foreign countries only have standard in the United Kingdom, in 1982, the national standard GB-82, increased the use of the specimen wear index to characterize the performance of rubber abrasion content;

(2) Gracilly abrasion Meter The instrument now has only a handful of countries included in national standards, generally divided into the constant load method and fixed torsion method;

(3) Shao Po is also known as the DIN Tester, ISO has decided to recommend the use of the Shao Po wear Tester test method for international standards;

(4) The abrasion meter is mainly used to determine the abrasion resistance of the tread glue, and can also be used to identify the abrasion resistance of soft glue and other elastic materials, the peak abrasion meter is characterized by two tungsten carbide knives with specific shape and certain sharpness degree. Under the action of fixed load, the rubber specimen which is rotated at a certain speed is cut, and the material is worn out in the test time, and the peak abrasion meter can reflect the abrasion of the tire in the road.

(5) MNP-1 Abrasion Meter The instrument is peculiar to the former Soviet Union, its characteristic is that the test parameters can be widely transformed, such as the load can be 0.5N, temperature 40.13 ℃, the test range is wider;