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Industrial belt storage
- May 12, 2018 -

Even though different industrial belts are used in different mechanical products, for industrial enterprises, the storage knowledge of industrial belts is still very necessary. Understanding how industrial belts are stored can extend the service life of industrial belts.

Industrial belt storage:

1. Belts and pulleys should be kept clean and free of oil and water.

2. When installing the belt, check the drive system, whether the drive shaft is perpendicular to the drive wheel, whether the drive shafts are parallel and whether the drive wheel is on a plane. If not, correct it.

3. Do not stick grease or other chemicals on the belt.

4. Do not apply force directly to the belt while the belt is being installed.

5. The working temperature range of the belt is -40°-120°C.

6. During the storage, the belt should be prevented from being deformed by excessive weight, prevent mechanical damage, and must not be bent or squeezed too much.

7. During storage and transportation, avoid direct sunlight or rain and snow, keep it clean, and prevent contact with substances that affect rubber quality, such as acid-base oils and organic solvents.

8. The temperature of the warehouse should be kept between -15 and 40 degrees Celsius during storage. The relative humidity should be kept between 50% and 80%.

Due to the differences in the performance and materials of each brand of industrial belts, there are still some differences in the way of storage for each industrial belt. However, they must be able to help the user.