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How often to change the timing belt?
- Aug 10, 2018 -

Many drivers on their car maintenance, heard the most should be "oil will change", "spark plug to change", "you want to change the glass water and so on maintenance projects, but rarely heard" engine belt "of the project, in fact, the car's engine belt is also very important, it is like" center "of the car, if broken, the car will become a" plant ", "vegetative state" we should be very familiar with, "plant" is actually the same token, if the engine belt for a long time without maintenance appear wear away, will lose function to the nerve center of the human body,It brings a lot of trouble and even danger to drivers.

So what is an engine belt?Engine belt is a technical term is "timing belt", it is an important part of a distribution system, is the bridge of engine distribution system and the crankshaft, link effect, is the primary parts, ensure the normal working of engine is also the primary components of precise manipulation of the inlet and exhaust, if you don't have it auto exhaust system cannot work normally, the whole car "waste".Timing belt is usually made of rubber material, because it can reduce the noise, but it also brings another disadvantage, that is, easy to wear and tear, because it is rubber product, so regular maintenance is very important.

Timing belt don't agree that durable metal works, it will appear with the increase of engine working time of wear and damage, and the damage rate is faster, so for the timing belt replacement time also made strict rules, generally factories require car at the time of 6-10 Wan Licheng replace the timing belt, the most suitable replacement time should be auto mileage reached 80000 kilometers, because if in late change, timing belt is easy to break, this is not the worst, most desperately of is very trouble to change, don't want to tire can change directly,To change the timing belt needs to go to a specialized 4S shop or car repair shop for maintenance, the cost is also relatively expensive.In terms of time, it is suggested that it should be replaced in about 2-3 years.

When driving, we should pay attention to the protection of timing belt, because some driving behaviors will easily cause it to break, such as the car full load, overload, overloading and other behaviors. As the load increases, the engine needs more power. At this time, the more the timing belt exerts, the longer its life will be greatly reduced.In peacetime should pay special attention to the status of the timing belt, if the engine sound, then screen in time, confirm whether timing belt appear problem, there is a problem to follow change in time, do not continue to use in order to save money is worn timing belt, once the fracture would appear in the process of driving can't imagine the consequences, do more harm than good.

Here's a summary of the advice on timing belts:

1. The timing belt replacement mileage of different brands is different. However, no matter what brand, it is better not to exceed 80,000 km.

2. During normal driving, don't overwork, overload or overload the vehicles, which will greatly increase the loss speed of the timing belt and increase the probability of accidents.

3. If you want to change the timing belt, don't go to the car repair shop on the street. You should go to the regular 4S shop or the large car repair shop to replace it.

4. In normal routine maintenance, you can check the timing belt more often. If it is broken, do not make up for it.