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How can you tell the difference between a car belt and a car belt
- Aug 06, 2018 -

As an important part of automobile operation, automobile belt connects all kinds of parts, which can be said to be a driving force.The compressor, power steering pump and alternator will stop working in case of breakage or skidding.Therefore, it is necessary to know the method of identifying the advantages and disadvantages of automobile belts.We have compiled several methods to identify the advantages and disadvantages of a car belt, and some tips on how to tell whether a car belt is damaged or not.

I identify advantages and disadvantages when purchasing


The first step in determining the quality of a car belt is to ask about its smell, which is the most direct and effective way.Generally speaking, the inferior rubber product can have a pungent smell of smelly glue, and the good belt is not, when buying the belt, only need a little attention to be able to distinguish very well.

Take a look at

Direct use of the naked eye can be identified, the appearance of the product will be very different, usually fake products in order to save costs will be deducted materials and technology, the production of products are generally rough, printing fonts are relatively vague.

More contrast

Before buying belt, can go to a lot of repair factory or door shop to ask about price and specification, suggest to these a few kinds of product of different price undertakes careful comparison to make a choice again.The best way to deal with fake and inferior products is to choose a formal buying channel.Most genuine parts of automobile manufacturers are only sold through 4S stores to distinguish fake and inferior goods from the grey market, and genuine goods are not sold through non-recognized distribution channels.Therefore, it is best to choose the corresponding 4S shop when changing the car belt.

Ii. Identification of damage during use:

As mentioned above, the automobile belt is a kind of consumable parts. As its working time increases, the automobile belt and related accessories will find wear and aging.Therefore, it is very important to correctly and timely understand the use status of automobile belts.Below, the editor teaches you how to distinguish the damage from the sound and appearance of the belt.

Listening is good or bad

When a belt is heard to creak, it usually indicates that the friction coefficient on the surface of the belt has been greatly reduced and excessive wear has been made.If it makes a noise when the vehicle is under load, look at one of the transmission belts, and you'll see an abnormal increase in the resistance or elasticity of the belt's automatic tightening device or belt tightening wheel.When you hear the rumble of the belt, it means the belt is vibrating.This situation is usually caused by the transmission belt too loose, stretching too long or belt tensioner, elastic wheel damage.

Look at the change in the belt

Longer belt:

The first step to see if the belt is normal is to check the tension of the belt.Press the middle of the belt wheel with your finger forcefully. If the pressure is about 10kg, the belt tension is just right if the pressure is about 10mm.If the amount is too large, the belt tension is insufficient.The reason for the lack of tension may be the loosening of the fastening wheel or the lengthening of the belt.If the side of the belt is long, it indicates that the belt has been deformed and needs to be replaced in time.

Loose and cracked belt:

If the belt is found to have decreased hardness, abrasion, fiber fracture, or cracks, cracks, burrs and other phenomena, it indicates that the belt is damaged and cannot be used again.

Conclusion: the fake belt will not only affect the normal operation of the engine, accelerate the damage of the vehicle, but also affect the safety of the driver.So, we must be careful to distinguish when buying, careful comparison.At the same time, in daily use to achieve timely maintenance and timely discovery.