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Curing process of rubber conveyor belt
- May 12, 2017 -

Understanding Rubber Belt vulcanization process is mainly need to grasp the essence of vulcanization and the factors influencing vulcanization, the determination and implementation of curing conditions, the operation method of the flat vulcanizing machine, the structure, which vulcanization is at a certain temperature, time and pressure, the linear macromolecules of mixing glue are cross-linked, forming the process of three-dimensional mesh structure, reducing the plasticity of rubber and increasing elasticity, and increasing the ability of resisting external deformation greatly, and improving other physical and chemical properties, make rubber become the engineering material with use value. 

Vulcanization is the last process of rubber products, curing the quality of the performance of vulcanized rubber is very important, therefore, should strictly grasp the vulcanization conditions, vulcanizing machine two hot plate pressure surface should be parallel to each other, hot plate using steam heating or electric heating, flat in the entire curing process, the pressure exerted on the mould cavity area is not less than three MPA, no matter what type of hot plate is used, the temperature distribution of the whole mould area should be uniform, the maximum temperature difference between the points in the same hot plate and the center point is not more than one degrees. The temperature difference of its corresponding position between adjacent second board is not exceeding one degrees, in the Hot Plate center at the maximum temperature of no more than 0.5 degrees, commonly used technical specifications for the maximum closure pressure 200 tons, plunger maximum stroke of 200 mm, flat area 500 by 500 mm, the working layer is a layer, the total heating power is 27-kilowatt;