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Covering the cause of plastic surface damage
- May 12, 2017 -

⑴ Conveyor belt quality is not good. The adhesive force of adhesive material is insufficient in the manufacturing process of conveyor belt process defects or a certain manufacturing process is lax, conveyor belt running in the frequent and roller, roller, conveying friction between the material, the friction force of the reaction caused by the coating glue gradually stripping, serious when the tape surface covering glue tear.

⑵ conveyor belt surface contact high temperature material. When the conveyor belt carries the boiler room dirty slag coal, does not cool thoroughly the high temperature dirty slag coal makes the conveyer belt overlay glue melts, aggravates the belt surface the abnormal wear. In addition, because of welding, gas cutting, the spark, slag can also be coated with the surface of the adhesive damage.

The conveyor belt suffered a great impact. The design of the leakage of the transportation system of coal bucket is too big, the direction of the coal flow unreasonable, the system has more bulk materials can make the conveyor belt is very strong impact on the belt surface formation of more pits.