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Breakage Repair
- May 12, 2017 -

Conveyor belt in the use of the process, damage is inevitable, there are many forms of damage, such as: Edge stratification, decay, defect and cracking; long distance longitudinal tear, deep scratch, holes, large area wear, covering plastic drum bulge or skin, joints inherent defects. One of the most pressing longitudinal tear, the most common edge breakage, the joints inherent defects are difficult to avoid, repair life after the most concern.

The main repairing methods of conveyor belts are the following three kinds

The hot patching method: Usually adopts the special patch, vulcanizing machine and the conveyor belt suitable heat vulcanization material, carries on the intensity to the conveyor belt damage site, waits for the "no mark" patching. This kind of repair can make the conveyor belt completely eliminate the damage and restore the original condition. Suitable for the more important, long-distance, high speed running, large volume transportation system. Of course, the completion of such maintenance requires dedicated equipment and professionals. The conveyor belt maintenance is the most reliable and ideal method.

The method of cold patching: it is usually necessary to adopt a special cold adhesive and patching film and special tools for conveying belt, to repair the damaged parts of the conveyor belt, to achieve the purpose of continuous operation. Apparently, this filling is a stopgap fix. Therefore, its main purpose is: in the conveyor belt damage, timely cold repair, can prevent the conveyor belt damage to the site continues to expand, extend to effectively protect the conveyor belt of the core to avoid damage to wait, obtain maintenance time and opportunity.

Mechanical repair: Usually the use of metallic materials made of clips, nails, panels and screws or metal cords and special apparatus, the conveyor belt of damage to the site fixed or connected to achieve the purpose of maintaining operation. Even in today's many times, many occasions, this seemingly simple, rough, even ugly treatment methods, but can play the function of emergency and the effect of multiplier.